We have adopted the following Client Commitment Declaration for consideration and use by us. We believe that the tenets contained in this Client Commitment Declaration represent the highest ideals of law practice. We believe that attorneys who follow this Declaration can enhance effective representation of clients in the best interests of both themselves and their clients. Members are encouraged to consider this Declaration in light of their particular practices and to apply the tenets contained therein as they see fit.

As a Lead Counsel member I pledge to:

  1. Treat my clients with respect and courtesy.
  2. Return my clients' telephone calls and e-mails within 24 hours.
  3. Discuss my clients' objectives and strategies for representation.
  4. Thoroughly explain to my clients their rights and legal obligations.
  5. Represent my clients competently and diligently.
  6. Investigate the latest technologies to help provide my clients with superior service and value.
  7. Keep my clients informed and provide my clients with copies of all pleadings, correspondence, and case-related materials.
  8. Treat all my clients' information with the utmost confidentiality. Handle my clients matters with the highest degree of ethical conduct and always comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct and my respective State Bar act.
  9. Charge a reasonable fee and explain in advance how the fee will be computed and billed.
  10. Remain in good standing with my Bar Association.
  11. Remain in constant communication with my clients, and keep my clients informed regarding the developments of their legal matters.
  12. Provide my clients with prompt processing time on all pleadings and document preparation.
  13. Stay current in my fields of expertise by taking all relevant continuing education courses.